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Welcome to Goode Chi acupuncture. My main goal is to achieve holistic wellness with in each and everyone of us individually and collectivly.  I believe in serving my community with empathy and fortitude to listen and understand your symptoms of an illness so that we can find the root of an issue and treat it accordingly. Since 2012 Goode Chi is happy to provide the following services in central New York; Acupuncture, Tui Na, Amma, and Gua Sha (asian body work), Cupping, Eastern Nutrition, and Chinese Herbal Medicine. 


Annette Burden L. Ac. 

Education Background 

Annette Burden received her education at the Finger lakes school of Acupuncture and Traditional  Chinese Medicine at the New York Chiropractic college  where she received her Masters in Acupuncture and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. During her education Annette completed an internship in Hangzhou China where she studied Chinese herbs, Acupuncture, and Tui Na in a fast pace clinical environment. Annette also has a Bachelors in psychology with a concentration of community mental health from the University at Buffalo.  Annette Utilizes her education, training  background and clinic experiences so that the you will have a complete holistic, balanced treatment session for the mind body and soul. 

Acupuncture- New York state board licensed 


Get to Know Me

Growing up I suffered from anxiety and as I become older it became anxiety and depression. I wanted to know why was I feeling this way and where did these feelings come from. So that lead me to major in Psychology and community mental health in college. I find the human mind very fascinating there is so much power in what and how we think after I received my Bachelor's in Psych I then pursued a career as a mental health counselor. I was in a place where I did not feel like people where truly getting the help they really needed it was the opposite witnessed patient's getting worse and I thought to myself there has to be a better way, a safer way a healthier option for people with mental, emotional, and physical health ailments to heal. So I started researching and I came across Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture and my life hasn't been the same sense. It not only brought myself back to balance it helped and continues to help others as well and I am so grateful. 

What does Acupuncture treat?

While Acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine modalities such as Cupping and Tui Na Massage can treat depression and anxiety it can also treat just about anything here are just a few examples 

Headaches/ migraines 

Acute or chronic headaches of all types 

Body pain 

back pain, joint pain, inflammation arthritis, fibromyalgia 

Nausea / digestive issue

Helps restore balance in the digestive system and alleviate symptoms from food allergies 


helps alleviate tension in the muscles cause by stress, helps defog your brain and bring mental clarity 

Common cold 

Chinese medicine works best as a preventative measure to boost the immune system to prevent viruses or colds from invading the body, but also helps with recovery from the flu and viruses 


Insomnia can be cause by many things and acupuncture will find root of the issue and help regulate your sleep, get rid of fatigue restore energy 

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5900 N Burdick St East Syracuse, suite 109 Onondaga County 13057US 

315 396-2535

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